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our team

The Team at Method Hair loves to celebrate our individuality. Let us help you to express your own.

Sarah Statham, Owner / Stylist
Sarah Statham

Owner | Stylist

Shannon Hollis, Stylist
Shannon Hollis


Kristin Ronan, Stylist
Kristin Ronan


Natalie Morgan, Stylist
Natalie Morgan


Sophie Bayardo, Stylist / Barber
Sophie Bayardo

Stylist | Barber

Ranae Schnack, Stylist / Makeup Artist
Ranae Schnack

Stylist | Makeup Artist

Jen Rische

Hair Jedi

Ruby Painter, Stylist
Ruby Painter


Katie Callais, Stylist / Makeup Artist
Katie Callais

Stylist | Makeup Artist

Sofia Flores, Junior Stylist
Sofia Flores

Junior Stylist

Crystal Seeds, Junior Stylist
Crystal Seeds

Junior Stylist | Makeup Artist

Ashley Tucker, Stylist / Color Apprentice
Ashley Tucker

Stylist | Color Apprentice

Liz Sherman, Salon Coordinator / Receptionist
Liz Sherman

Salon Coordinator | Receptionist

Chingri Shimray, Receptionist
Chingri Shimray

Salon Receptionist

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