In the beginning of this month, Hurricane Harvey, a Category 4 hurricane, made landfall in Texas. It went through the Texas coast and headed to Houston, where it stayed put for many days. Just over 50 inches of rain fell in Houston, causing devastating flooding. 60 people have died and thousands have been displaced from their flooded homes and are living in shelters that have been created to aid citizens during this disaster. These families and individuals have lost so much; their homes, their cars, and their belongings among many other things. Businesses, hospitals, and city infrastructure have all been affected. It has been estimated that billions of dollars in relief funds are needed to help Texas, Houston, and the people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

These evacuees need more help than ever. Here at Method Hair, we will be taking monetary donations in our salon to help the people of the Houston area. USmooth, our hot tools company, will match any donation we receive. Let’s work together to #HelpHouston recover from this traumatic event and stand strong! We look forward to contributing to this cause with you.

P.S. Mayor Adler is asking Austinites to help these evacuees. Thousands of evacuees are seeking shelter in Austin, so the mayor has asked Austinites to put together and donate Welcome Kits for these people. For more information on what goes into the Welcome Kits and where you can donate them, please visit