Liz Sherman

Salon Coordinator | Receptionist 

From the mean streets of southeast Texas, Liz discovered her love of "all things Austin" at a tender age. A former student of fashion design, merchandising, and graphic design, she has a love for illustration and design. During her 10 years working in retail and management, she had the opportunity of meeting and working with Sarah Statham at the former Legs Diamond on the ruthless drag. After years apart, they met again and Liz happily joined the Method family.

"As a former business owner, I strive to go above and beyond; to really understand the clients needs and treat them as a valuable part of our business. That is the best advertisement you can give. When I see that appreciation, it really makes my day."

In her spare time, she enjoys hanging with her lovable chow mix, Richter, discussing  Game of Thrones theories, softball, kickboxing and Judo.